Yes it’s Friday!  TKC is headed to Corona for the Real Marriage Tour with Mark & Grace Driscoll.  I’ve read some reviews and discussions regarding the book and topics so I’m curious to learn/listen to what they have to share.  I am not looking forward to the hike to get there:

I’m pretty much traveling across California.

Also, the bigger event: SUPERBOWL XLVI!  The only time I’m excited to watch sports, any sports, is during the championships.

These are pictures from last year’s superbowl party held at P.Eugene & Carol’s house with our favorite fan: Eli!

Just to put things in perspective at how LONG ago this was:

1) My hair was really long.
2) What is that gadget I circled – oh wait, that’s my phone.
3) I believe Esther was a Lee then? Crazy how time flies!

Beautiful victory for the Packers!  This picture makes me really happy 🙂