Mumford & Sons 2013


It seems that all my bridges have been burnt
But you say that’s exactly how this grace thing works.

It’s not the long walk home that will change this heart
But the welcome I receive with every start”

“Roll Away Your Stone”
Mumford & Sons
June, 2013



With the help of Michelle, we got stand-by tickets to the Ellen DeGeneres show!  Unfortunately, we didn’t make the cut.  I’m pretty satisfied because we scored guarantee tickets for another taping the next season, and the episode we were supposed to be in had Amanda Peet, who was b-b-b-boring.  If we got tickets to the later taping at 6pm, we would’ve been able to watch Ed Helms!!!!!

We were hanging out at the Riff Raff Room (overflow for losers) and to know that the celebrities/ellen/the entire episode was happening on the other side of the wall, is weird.  Dear Ellen workers, please have some free candy or food in the Riff Raff Room please.

It was an all-day adventure starting from 9AM until 5:30PM.

Highlights of the day:

1.  Porto’s.  I got the Pan con Bistec (steak cuban-style sandwich) and I would get it again when I go back and I can’t forget the potato balls!
2.  Bethany Joy  Galeotti was at Porto’s with her baby.  I had to go up to her and tell her what a HUGE fan I am/was/will ever be of One Tree Hill.  I also had to ask for a picture, but since she was with her baby, she politely declined and SHE’S STILL AWESOME.  Very beautiful and surprisingly too skinny.
3.  Michelle finally has Friends
4.  DK imitating Amanda Peet during dinner at Beer Belly 

{I think my photos just vomited WB signs and smiles everywhere, Burbank CA}


Now that everyone has stopped talking/posting pictures about valentine’s day, I figured I’d post about it.

Michael and I had an awesome valentine’s date in Little Tokyo/Downtown!

He also made chocolate covered strawberries (like last year, thankyou!) and so I bought some delicious cheese from Joan’s on Third, crackers from Trader Joe’s, and celebrated post-valentine’s with my mom.

{Wurstkuche: rattlesnake & mango jalapeno; amazing HH at The Falls}


During my lunch break, I visited Myrtle, a cute shop in Echo Park.  I was able to meet Whitney, the owner, who was really sweet and helpful!  I definitely want to go back there again to check out some of their other stuff.

I bought this tote from the shop, which I have been wanting for a long time.  So when I found out they sold them at Myrtle, I knew I had no excuse not to get it.  They also carry the black one & the neon, among other of Fieldguided’s design totes.  It was difficult deciding between the neon and the blush dyed one, but I chose the latter.  I can’t wait to use it on the weekends!

{Image taken from here}