Cold: 0; Eunice: 0

It seems that alot of people got sick this “winter” and even last week, people were just getting over their symptoms.  I, however, remained very strong until yesterday.  I could feel the cold/flu-like symptoms coming down, so I did what any citizen would do: eat a bunch of garlic, emergen-c, green tea, and nyquil.  I slept early to wake up this morning feeling not really healthy, but manageable.

I’ve been drinking tea, eating more garlic, and popping some pills.  I hope I don’t smell like garlic; I don’t think I do…me and President Obama a few years ago

I don’t want to go into too much detail, but a few friends of mine recommended a great product that I’ve been able to use almost every day:

It really helps!  This is an awkward post and probably just TMI all around, but I wanted to share the good news.  I bought mine at a Japanese market for $5.00 and it’s good for 350 uses.  Just a drop before and after, and you’re good.