Paper Towels

A few weeks ago, my life changed: I started to use only one sheet of paper towel .

It’s not as disgusting as you might think and I feel better about myself (I wash my hands like, 20 times a day) for making a conservative choice.  I always see so many barely used or unused paper towels in the bathrooms and judge whoever did this as bad people for being so wasteful.  But I took a good look at myself, and I too, am wasteful.  I catch myself ripping 4 pieces of paper towels, thinking it’s not enough.

Thanks to Michael (for sharing this idea) and this brilliant TedTalks video by Joe Smith, he teaches you how you can simply dry your hands with only one sheet.

For the lazy, all you need to do is, shake your hands (he says 12, I tried a little less and still works), fold the piece into two and dry.  So shake and fold.  The folding of the paper towel is very important as it’s able to absorb more water from your hands.

I hope your life is a little simpler and you can go to sleep at night in peace knowing you’re a hero.

Joe Smith:

Also, how awesome are paper towels.  Seriously!  This guy knows.