There are lots of perks to working in Los Angeles, specifically Hollywood; so I was super excited this place just opened up!  I’ve been to the one in West Hollywood, and this location is walking distance from my work.

Here’s some links that I wanted to share:

Perfect idea for a picnic

Childhood in New York (via dailymuse)

Worst advice.  Ever.

Clip of Arrested Development (so excited for the new episodes coming on May 26!)

Jimmy Kimmel, you’re awesome:  Lie Witness News (people being excited about fake bands, lol)

Stretch your vocabulary! (via CupOfJo)

This is an old article, but I still think it’s cool.  Super mom bikes with six kids and no car.



This week has been awesome and I’m happy it’s Friday.  It’s awesome because

1)  Watched Father of Lights

2) Hours upon hours of Parks and Rec (Leslie Knope 2012!).  I’ve been trying to catch up and now I’m on season4 🙂

3) Ate Korean BBQ last night with Mike.  It was actually our first time getting kbbq together all by ourselves!
Some links:

Volere – Boxed wine just got a brand new bag

All about the colors

I’ve been talking about this phone app, but it’s my new go-to music app.

I just got an invite to Hukkster, a site that lets you know when your favorite bookmarked items go on sale!

This movie came out today!

Next on my list to make Basil Icecream from here and here.  Or, if I fail, I can’t wait to try this place!


The picture above is the Green Tea & Milk shaved ice from I-Sweet in Rowland Heights.  I know everyone raves about Class 302, but seriously, this place is awesome and delicious.


August has been eventful and busy (I’d like to post pictures soon when I get around to it… hehe) and I can’t believe it’s September already!  I’m looking forward to colder weather – I’m ready to say goodbye to pedicured toes, shaving legs so that they dont look stubbly in the sun, and recycled summer clothes, although I will miss warm summer nights.  I sound like I’m waving off hygiene in general… haha but ladies, you know whats up.

I want to relax this weekend and I’ve shared with Mike that I’d like to make these shrimp tacos paired with this refreshing drink, but we’ll see since laziness  trumps will (sometimes).

Here are some links to make any weekend unproductive, but fun:

Soothing jazz; she’ll also be performing at LACMA, which I plan to attend

Le Whaf – for those who no longer want to intake alcohol, but prefer to inhale.

Can’t wait to watch this movie

Delicious appetizer for any party (I recently made these and were a hit!)

The Best Cocktail You’ll Ever Have (I also made this, and was so delicious.  This will be my go-to drink to make) via CupofJo

Beautifully captured photos of people in New York

Encouraging blog post to all moms!

A bank in India run by children


Happy Friday!  I’m so excited and looking forward to watching the Olympics’ opening ceremony tonight!

Here’s a few links I want to share:

Can you “Lean With It” – beautiful photography project

These dogs are fancy with their fancy dog houses! (via Cup of Jo)

The 10 Types of VBS Volunteers

This is too familiar… (Funny e-card)

I can never have too many pairs of sunglasses and these are now on my wishlist

The 10 must-see Olympics events by the Daily Beast

Good article on the difficulty of maintaining relationships when you’re an adult.

The photo above is from a cute neighborhood I found while walking around DC (I just got back last weekend) and I had such a great time.  I will share photos and my experience next week!


This week went by so quickly, and I can’t believe 1) it’s summer already, 2) VBS is over tonight and 3) June is over next week.

It’s been such an amazing week attending TKC’s VBS!  We have talented and hardworking people who spent hours upon hours preparing for this; thank you everyone!

Here’s a few links to get your friday going:

The top 5 etsy shops for the home

KoreAm‘s June cover story of Jamie Chung featuring in a sex-trafficking film

101 most useful websites

A Better Queue lets you filter Netflix’s instantly streaming movies in a clean and organized way

I really appreciate and am drawn to this intense and odd M/V Sigur Rós “Flögur Píanó, directed by Alma Har’el (director of Bombay Beach) starring Shia LaBeouf (NSFW)

(photo credit: Hanna J)

Happy Friday!

ImageI’ve been wanting to purchase little knacks, and I’m looking for inexpensive lucite trays (for makeup/perfume/etc) and porcelain white bowls (to carry jewelry) so if anyone has any suggestions, please share!

Here are a few links to make your friday even more unproductive:

A cute way to decorate your cubicle/space without really trying.

Funny comic

Awesome proposal story!  (Anyone ever hear of engagement chicken?)

Collection of bar glasses: Do you know what holds your spirits?

Canoes only look romantic and beautiful in photographs and the movies.

Cheap eats in NY by top chefs; definitely book marking this.

Did you guys know it’s Cinco de Mayo this weekend?  They’ve only been mentioning it on Pandora.

{photo credit: some random blog I googled to find this picture}