I told my mom I wanted to retire at the age of 25, and she said that was funny.  I explained my dreams, and the lifestyle that I want to have (for this to work, I need money, so I should’ve won the lottery two weeks ago).  But she reminded me that the life I seem to pursue is not the end goal and I need to continue seeking a greater purpose and one day, doors will open up.  Also, that fridays/weekends/holidays are awesome because you work hard and then you can relax.  Fine I won’t retire at 25, but to retire at 26,  I need to work on winning that lottery alot harder, time is of the essence!

Anyway, I saw this on this blog, and Parisians are so chic.

Very French Gangsters’ eyewear is for children 3-10 years old, via {Blog Milk}

Do you know what I looked like at 10 years old with glasses?

I pretty much resembled Mindy Kaling in this hilarious picture shown on the back of her book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (And Other Concerns)? {via Amy O’Connor}

Everything’s so nice, trendy, and technological for babies/kids these days.  I truly appreciate the 90’s and growing up in that era because life as a toddler is too hard these days.



Yellow Tights

There are certain articles of clothing that look great in theory and on other people.  Therefore, as a typical consumer, I decide that article must look good on me too.  I’ve never been more wrong than with a pair of yellow-colored tights.

See, it looks great online/bloggers/etc (the top two are random, and the third picture is Naomi, one of my favorite blogger/blog couples):




But this is me a few years ago at Esther H.’s birthday party at the Crocker Club:


I look like I have jaundice.

Photos taken from here: (1, 2, 3)