I will admit, I am all talk when it comes to exercising (and pretty much all ideas that come through my head), but I will never pass up a good deal.

My recent purchases to exercise:

1.  Swim-gear.  Two years ago (during Christmas sales), I bought a nice swimsuit, cute googles (form over function), and a cool hair-pulling-rubber-hair-protector so that I could go swimming as my form of exercise.  I bought this outfit and I cut out all my favorite swimming exercises from the latest crap exercise magazine called Women’s Health.  I havent taken out this swimsuit out of the bag and tags are all intact.  Every time I come across the plastic bag, I wonder to myself what’s inside it, look inside, and then put it away again for me to find 3 months later when I’m cleaning my room.  I blame CPE.  Did you know, CPE charges $2.00 each time you want to go swimming!?

2.  Running Shoes:  I bought some nice ones, according to mike, at the yearly sale at Nordstrom.  Now, these are really for running; they’re not stylish like the Nike Frees.  They’re still in the box, collecting dust in one corner of my room and now I have other shopping bags piled on top.  I don’t hate on running because I think it’s cute or I’m trying to grab attention; umm no.  I wish running was never invented, because then I wouldn’t feel bad about myself when I hear about these guys or this guy (he’s not a runner, but he’s an incredible human being for accomplishing life) overcoming all obstacles and pushing limits.  Anyway, I bought the shoes because I really want to try running a 5k or something small in 2012.  I know I can do it.  I may be crying and snot just running down my face and neck at the finish line, but hey, if I do it, I’m going to be so happy!  I’ll even push myself to do another one.  A huge motivator for me would probably be for a charity.  Someone find me a charity’s run/walk.

3.  Pilates + Spin:  There’s a spin class really close to my work so I went to a few classes there through a deal on living social or groupon or gilt.  It was cool and I got to experience spinning classes and extreme pilates training.  However, it became too expensive.

4.  Cardio Barre!!  This is my latest exercise fad.  My coworker’s good friend is an instructor at a Cardio Barre place in Hollywood.  I didn’t pay too much attention until living social had a deal: TEN CLASSES FOR $40, ORIGINALLY $150.  Now you really can’t beat that!  Also, the classes are for beginners (I’m still going to get beat and I’ll let you know when the crying stops) but I’m pretty excited to try.  This is my link if anyone wants to also get the deal (fyi: this is my personal link, so for people who are mean and don’t want to support me by trying to get me free classes, just go to the living social website).

Future exercises I want to try:

1.  Cross Fit Training.

2.  Krav Maga (IN MY DREAMS!)

Just for kicks, this photo was taken by Rev. Scott in 2008-2009 when I went to my first TKC football practice since attending the church.  This was the one and only time I went.