Mumford & Sons 2013


It seems that all my bridges have been burnt
But you say that’s exactly how this grace thing works.

It’s not the long walk home that will change this heart
But the welcome I receive with every start”

“Roll Away Your Stone”
Mumford & Sons
June, 2013



Now that everyone has stopped talking/posting pictures about valentine’s day, I figured I’d post about it.

Michael and I had an awesome valentine’s date in Little Tokyo/Downtown!

He also made chocolate covered strawberries (like last year, thankyou!) and so I bought some delicious cheese from Joan’s on Third, crackers from Trader Joe’s, and celebrated post-valentine’s with my mom.

{Wurstkuche: rattlesnake & mango jalapeno; amazing HH at The Falls}

Food Cravings

As mentioned in my post from yesterday, I did end up eating at the Habit again (and it was so delicious, Michael had to stop me from getting another one).

I often have intense cravings for food.  I once ate mandoo (dumplings) for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in high school for a month straight and I ended up have a mandoo-like face, VERY VERY ROUND. No good.  There would be times in college when Ellis, Esther, and I would rotate eating at Panda Express/Chipotle/Genghis Khan (mongolian bbq).  I think we ate at Panda Express for one-two weeks straight once.

Anyway, Michael was so kind to eat at the Habit with me again 🙂

Embarrassing Moments

I have my fair share of embarrassing moments/situations that I can’t recall because I’ve completely erased out of my memory, it’s a self-preservation thing.  But this moment happened a few months ago and I still cringe thinking about it:

I lock my drawers before taking off work because sometimes I have donation checks and papers I need to sort through.  At around 10:00 am, I decided to unlock my drawers to start some paperwork when I realized my purse was not on my desk or anywhere near it.  I didn’t panic at first, but I went full-blown drama queen up in the hizouse 10 minutes after not being able to find my bag.  I checked my car, multiple times, I went to the bathroom, checked the front desk, went downstairs, etc.  Everyone noticed how freaked out and panicky I was (I was crying and hyperventilating), so of course they were curious what was going on.  By 11:00AM, the entire floor and the building was alerted that my purse was stolen.  My keys were in my purse so I also let the parking attendant know not to let my car drive off the parking lot.  Some said this has happened before and others came out telling me that their iphones, watches, jewelry, etc has been stolen weeks before so everyone came to the conclusion that it had to be the same person.

Btw, I know it sounds like I pulled out a trumpet out of my back pocket to shout the news, but I didn’t.  People spread the news like wildfire and my coworkers were coming up to me left and right offering their help and support.

The building maintenance went through their old tapes in the morning and told me I was last seen with my purse and no one has come out of the building since with it.  The janitorial staff also helped by looking in trashcans, dumpsters, in case the perpetrators stole my wallet and threw out the rest.  The only thing I had with me was my phone.

Without any luck of finding my purse, I cancelled all my creditcards and made sure no one’s been fraudulently using my credit.  I called Michael because I wanted to renew my license at the DMV so I can drive my car off the parking lot.  He picked up my spare key from my house (my brother was home at the time) and drove to my work to take me to the DMV.

I left work early, went to the DMV to renew my license, and realizing I hadn’t eaten anything all day, Michael offered to buy some food (this is around 3:30-5:00pm now).  He also took me to go see a movie at the park to try to cheer me up.  It worked a little.

Next day

The next day, the locksmith arrived to replace my old locks with new ones, and whaddyaknow, my purse was inside………..

So what happened, according to the locksmith, the locks we have in my office aren’t very sturdy, so one of my drawers was unlocked when I put my purse in the first time, and when I closed it, the drawer actually locked.  It also cost the company $350 for lock replacement and labor.

Anyway, I was pretty embarrassed because over the course of the next 2 months, random people kept coming up to me asking me if I found it and what happened to it.  At first, I started to explain that it was in my drawer the entire time, but because I was getting weird stares, I started elaborating the story that the thief “felt bad” and he left it where he found it…

I almost wished my purse was stolen, then I wouldn’t have looked like the biggest sack of idiot.

LONG STORY SHORT: My absent-minded self thought I lost my purse, informed the building maintenance, my entire floor (50 coworkers), the parking staff, the janitorial staff that it was stolen, only to find it the next day in my drawer the entire time.

Taken at Liberty Park for an outdoor movie after the shenanigans