Cream & Sugar

Here are two talented friends of mine!  Always feeling enriched and loved after our hangouts.  Happy birthday to CK!  We celebrated at Cream & Sugar, a local cafe (turns out I went to college with the owner!) and it’s a great place to study, chat, drink good coffee, or eat something delicious.

The cupcakes (matcha green tea with frosting + matcha macaron) pictured below were made @byjennasea and I am normally not a sweets/dessert eating type, but her desserts are truly amazing.  She also does desserts for weddings/special events so if you ever need these services, she’s wonderful!  Also, CK is the most special agent of PR and anything PR-related, incase you need a great spin.

This post was not sponsored by them, lol.  They don’t even know I write here.

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5’8″. WipeOut Champion. World Traveler. Future SLP. NSSLHA VP. Goofy/Silly/Funny. Smart. Beautiful.

Cheers to 24!

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Happy belated birthday to my brother, Eugene!  So proud of what you’re doing in school (and quite the jealous that you’re in Brooklyn).

We celebrated at TAPS and the food/drinks were fantastic!

I pray for many more joyous milestones & celebrations 🙂

Weekend Diary

What an eventful weekend!  I can’t express how thankful I am or the joy I’m feeling.

Starting off Friday by spending quality time with friends over good food and coffee, to my 25th birthday party at Escondite, and ending the weekend off with close girlfriends was exactly how I hoped this weekend would be!

A huge thank you to everyone who took time out to celebrate with me and made sure I had a good time; I truly enjoyed everyone’s company!!!

An even bigger thank you to Hanna Jung & Michelle Hong for also making this wonderful weekend happen without a blip!

Sorry for lack of pictures, I will post them later.

February 8th

It’s my mom’s XX birthday today!!!!  I wanted to wake up early to make pancakes, but honestly, who am I kidding… and true to her selfless spirit, she made ME lunch.  I won’t even hide how lucky and blessed I am.  Everyone always talks about how their mother is best in the whole wide world and I want to say, just stop it.  Because my mom is the best.

I’m going to take her to get some sushi this weekend, preferably someplace in Little Tokyo.  Yay!

Also, a shout out to a good friend of mine from college: Jonathan Kwon.  Happy birthday Jono!!!