Seattle 2013

Next, I traveled to Seattle in March to reunite with JCC.  The last time I went to Seattle, this happened:



I really love Seattle and had such a great time with great friends!  Sadly, someone got really sick and couldn’t partake in some of the activities, nevertheless she was such a selfless trooper!  What a great memory to share and I enjoyed every moment together as JECC.

When we arrived, we went straight to Salumi’s (thanks for the rec, Jason!).  We strategically planned our days so that we could try everything we wanted to and do everything that we wanted.  So, we picked up a sandwich form Salumi’s, then dropped off our luggage, and went to:

[No photo available]

Paseo!  I got a bag of coffee beans for MK at Caffe Vita, picked up some dessert from Pie, and headed over to:

Gas Work’s Park!  We ate our Paseo cuban sandwich, Salumi’s sandwich and meatballs, and pie from Pie.

The famous troll!  Also seen here (10 Things I Hate About You)

Unfortunately, it’s not salmon swimming season, so we didn’t get to see any fish swim by here.  But this is the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks or Ballard Locks.  How they engineered this is pretty fascinating.  Then you go downstairs and you’re supposed to be able to see schools of fish.


Destroysters, coined by CK.  Elliot’s Oyster House has the most amazing happy hour ever.  75cents per oyster and 25cents added every hour until 6pm.

This pie is not joking around.

We hiked the Rattlesnake Trail to the Rattlesnake Ledge.  We took photos for 45 minutes when we got to the ledge – I posted 4 photos, but I have a hundred of us doing funky poses.  Mostly Cat & CK being super hilarious and daring, and me crying from acrophobia (fear of heights).

We headed to Pike Place market for some fish air, walking around, etc.  Beecher’s handmade cheese was cheesetastic, Piroshky Piroshky was pir-aweshome, Steelhead has gravilicious poutine fries, and all the food sampling was satisfying!  We also stopped by the first Starbucks.

Gum alley, 2013

Space Needle, 2013

Old friends reuniting and new friends meeting.  What?  CK’s friend Carol lives in Seattle, so she took us to Brave Horse Tavern, which had an amazing selection of beer and such good food, and then to a gelato place (I forgot the name).

It had to be done.


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