Hello!  I came back a few weeks ago from New York; sucks what Sandy is doing over there, causing billions of dollars in damage and I hear the death toll is continuing to rise.  I know “sucks” isn’t considered great vernacular to describe, but that’s how I feel to sum it up, it sucks.

Anyway, here are some links… feels kind of lame to follow that up with anything else.

For when you’re sad and lonely and need a pick-me-up compliment!

Who stays in hotels anymore?  Not this guy.  Or these people.   It’s all about Cocoon treehouses.  Portland‘s already doing it…

Good article on New York’s harsh inequality

Strongest beer, ever.

Philly is so cool.  Horcrux scavenger hunt, Potter pub crawl, Quidditch… Another reason LA sucks.

Article on Asians, test scores, disparity in school systems.

New York wedding cakes & famous apartments!

The nonexistent debate – this is hilarious.


{picture of Mike picking apples at Los Rios Rancho}