This week has been awesome and I’m happy it’s Friday.  It’s awesome because

1)  Watched Father of Lights

2) Hours upon hours of Parks and Rec (Leslie Knope 2012!).  I’ve been trying to catch up and now I’m on season4 🙂

3) Ate Korean BBQ last night with Mike.  It was actually our first time getting kbbq together all by ourselves!
Some links:

Volere – Boxed wine just got a brand new bag

All about the colors

I’ve been talking about this phone app, but it’s my new go-to music app.

I just got an invite to Hukkster, a site that lets you know when your favorite bookmarked items go on sale!

This movie came out today!

Next on my list to make Basil Icecream from here and here.  Or, if I fail, I can’t wait to try this place!


The picture above is the Green Tea & Milk shaved ice from I-Sweet in Rowland Heights.  I know everyone raves about Class 302, but seriously, this place is awesome and delicious.


4 thoughts on “Friday

  1. hey eunice! i saw father of lights too! what did you think of the movie? i thought it was interesting and very thought provoking…. hope that you’re doing well 🙂

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