August has been eventful and busy (I’d like to post pictures soon when I get around to it… hehe) and I can’t believe it’s September already!  I’m looking forward to colder weather – I’m ready to say goodbye to pedicured toes, shaving legs so that they dont look stubbly in the sun, and recycled summer clothes, although I will miss warm summer nights.  I sound like I’m waving off hygiene in general… haha but ladies, you know whats up.

I want to relax this weekend and I’ve shared with Mike that I’d like to make these shrimp tacos paired with this refreshing drink, but we’ll see since laziness  trumps will (sometimes).

Here are some links to make any weekend unproductive, but fun:

Soothing jazz; she’ll also be performing at LACMA, which I plan to attend

Le Whaf – for those who no longer want to intake alcohol, but prefer to inhale.

Can’t wait to watch this movie

Delicious appetizer for any party (I recently made these and were a hit!)

The Best Cocktail You’ll Ever Have (I also made this, and was so delicious.  This will be my go-to drink to make) via CupofJo

Beautifully captured photos of people in New York

Encouraging blog post to all moms!

A bank in India run by children


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