This week went by so quickly, and I can’t believe 1) it’s summer already, 2) VBS is over tonight and 3) June is over next week.

It’s been such an amazing week attending TKC’s VBS!  We have talented and hardworking people who spent hours upon hours preparing for this; thank you everyone!

Here’s a few links to get your friday going:

The top 5 etsy shops for the home

KoreAm‘s June cover story of Jamie Chung featuring in a sex-trafficking film

101 most useful websites

A Better Queue lets you filter Netflix’s instantly streaming movies in a clean and organized way

I really appreciate and am drawn to this intense and odd M/V Sigur Rós “Flögur Píanó, directed by Alma Har’el (director of Bombay Beach) starring Shia LaBeouf (NSFW)

(photo credit: Hanna J)


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