Kentro Greek Kitchen

My awesome cousin Jane, took me for a post-birthday dinner to Kentro Greek Kitchen in Downtown Fullerton (DTF).  I was surprised at how I missed this place the many times I’ve been to DTF!

I wasn’t too adventurous since I got the chicken pita (the dijoin aioli was amazing!!!), and we shared the Saganaki, which is a pan-fried kefalotiri (huh?) cheese.  I was scared, since it’s some crazy-named cheese, but so glad we did!  We paired our food with the recommended white wine: Kouros and our dinner was perfect.

I’d definitely come back and this may be one of my go-to spots for dinner in DTF.  FYI, you order first, get your number, and then find a seat.  The service is great, everyone’s super nice, and one of the workers gave me a free baklava for my birthday!

For those who love wine & more cheese, Twisted Vine is just across the street, so you can hop on over to there for more fun times!


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