Weekend Diary

I took a mini-staycation (much needed rest!) by taking a couple of days off of work  and spent them very wisely (psst, watching Mad Men).

I went to a very beautiful wedding on Saturday; congratulations to Pearle & James!  It was really awesome to witness two amazing people start a journey together.

Michael and his brother, Jonathan are going to Europe for a few weeks, and will miss my birthday, so Mike decided to plan something for us to do before he left!  We spent the day brunching (@Rialto), watching Aziz Ansari’s Dangerously Delicious stand-up and Mad Men (!!!).  Then we had dinner at Agora Churrascaria.  We got there pretty early and I didn’t want the salad bar traffic so we decided to sit in the back.  If I do decide to go there again, I’d definitely not sit in that area because the servers weren’t coming around to us.  They were serving the closer tables first and by the time they made their rounds, there was no food left for us.  After the restaurant started to fill up is when they started to come to our table. Other than that, food + wine was delicious.  We ended up at Heroes Bar & Grill after many searches and attempts to find a place to hang out at (forgot it was Monday, lots of places aren’t open after 9pm).

It was very nice to relax, and thank you so much Michael for everything!!

{first photo taken by Hanna J; wedding collage; early birthday collage}


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