Burger Mania

I’ve tried a number of gourmet burgers the past year (Father’s Office, Burger Parlor, 25 Degrees, Bottle Room, Slater’s 50/50, Counter, and am I missing another?), I work walking distance to Juicy Burger, Stout, Go Burger, Umami Burger, Fuku Burger and feel lucky to have had the opportunity to try them all.  They’re all delicious and actually end up tasting the same; nothing sticks out.  I’ll always be happy to try new places, but Father’s Office was (and is!) my #1 spot place for go-to-burger because it never disappoints.  However, Michael and I tried 25degrees through a friend and introduced us to one of the better burgers I’ve had.  I’ve gone twice, and the flavor, ambiance, beer, everything is great.  The other convenient aspect is the location: the closest one is in Huntington Beach which is still a bit out of the way since we have to go local roads all the way, but it’s worth it!

I also really enjoy eating at The Counter, this place doesn’t disappoint either.  I’ve gone many times and I always build the same burger and leave satisfied.  I know many people claim that Slater’s 50/50 is the best because it’s 50% bacon and 50% meat patty.  It was good and I’d go again if friends wanted to go, but that’s not the first place I think of.  Maybe it was too hyped up for me.  But I must say, their appetizers are really delicious.  I’ve also heard of a different places like Apple Pan, Comme Ca, etc, and I honestly don’t have a desire, unless told otherwise.

The next two places that are on my must-have-to-try list is  Golden State Cafe and Public School 612!

{sweet potato fries/garlic fries/onion rings, chicken wings, burger menu#1.  photos taken by Daniel Kang}


2 thoughts on “Burger Mania

  1. Excuse me, but in your previous post “Food Cravings”, you mentioned the Habit, but failed to mention it here. What happened?

    Also, put Mick’s Karma Bar in your to do list. Best $5.50 burger around!

    • HAHAHA! I was going to add Habit, but then, I think that opened up to other places like In-N-Out…. hahahaha not that they don’t deserve to be recognized! I also tried to be specific as “gourmet” burgers…….. nothing gets past thepismire!

      I immediately yelped/googled Mick’s and I want to try this! Oh Irvine…..

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