Diamond Jamboree Plaza

The two times I visited Tokyo Table I really enjoyed.  Nice ambiance, friendly servers, and good food/drinks.  I wish Niko Niko in my area would magically turn into Tokyo Table.  If I’m wishing, I guess I should choose a more authentic or even better tasting Japanese restaurant to come to my city… Anyway…

Their noodles/rolls are delicious and best of all, their honey brick toast with green tea icecream!  I’m not a dessert person, and I’ve said it many times, but I will always have to have this when I come to dine at this restaurant.  Not too sweet and the bread is lightly toasted and soft.

Also, they have the prettiest cocktails and drinks.  I had to try two: I got their Geisha Saketini “Kikuka” that is Lychee flavored and Mango Tokyo-Style Mojito.  I personally enjoyed the saketini, it was on the sweeter side but paired well with my dinner without the strong alcohol taste.  The mojito was also well made and perfect!

Didn’t mean to hijack my own blog post from Tokyo Table, but if I’m talking about Diamond Jamboree plaza, there’s so much good food.  (This post was originally titled Tokyo Table).

The curry house, CoCo Ichibanya is also very delicious and easy on the wallet!  I got the spice level 3 curry with shrimp and vegetables, and the large garden salad on the side.  If I’m craving curry, I would definitely recommend this place (if you’re looking for other than Curry House or Hurry Curry).

Pretty much, this plaza is awesome.  I really enjoy dining here and trying different places.  Downside?  It’s in Irvine.  Also, parking sucks.  I’ve tried a good amount of restaurants located in this plaza, and I don’t think you can go wrong – unless you’re a chodang soondooboo fan and you end up at BCD.  That’s on you.

{Honey brick toast with green tea icecream @ Tokyo Table}

On a separate note, Michael is done with school, YAY!


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