Fredericks of Hollywood

Fredericks of Hollywood headquarters conducts business in the same building as mine and it’s obvious: when the elevator doors open to their floor, it’s sexy time: leopard/cheetah rugs, chandeliers are crazy, and the floor is adorned with red wall; models are walking in and out (with robes of course); camera crew/photoshoots are always taking place.

Once a year, they host a sample sale where everything they lay out is less than $5. FIVE BUCKS.  My chipotle bowl (without guac) is 7.29.  A cup of coffee that I bought at groundworks cost me 4.25.  So considering that corsets/halloween costumes/SHOES are $5.00 and underwear is 1.00, it’s a good deal.  And don’t they know it!  It’s a jungle in there and I can’t even stand in there for one second, without someone shoving me because I’m “in the way.”  This would be my third time visiting the sale and as always, it’s just not my style.  I guess I’m a hopeful prude because I keep going back, thinking they magically turned into something I’d wear.

Everytime I leave, I’m always looking back and trying to see what other people are buying, what, what are they buying? It’s almost disturbing to see what they’re wear- I’m not even gonna go there.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with and I am not passing judgment on anyone who wears their articles of clothing/loves their brand. As mentioned, it’s not my style.  This is purely a sample sale, so most of the things they’re selling is to get rid of and probably never made it to retail.  They have really cute designs on some, but I’d personally like my extra 1.00 to go towards my chipotle steak bowl.  Some would say my priorities are all wrong.

I tried to take some pictures, which is extremely creepy and I don’t want to stumble anybody, but I have to share just the madness.  Women have piles and piles of clothing and sometimes totals to over $100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One thought on “Fredericks of Hollywood

  1. Haha! CREEPER ALERT! Little Asian girl caught taking pictures at lingerie sample sale. It warms my heart. 😀

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