Invisible Children [Update]

I followed Invisible Children and their work in the past, off and on, and have completely forgot about them until their video went viral.  I watched the Kony 2012 video last night and I was shocked to see that this was still happening, because 1) I forgot about them 2) I had heard of them back in 2005-2006. But after reading a few articles on the internet (done by people who research), there have been newer developments and misguided information circulating.

My own questions arise from the video: so what if we capture him, how do we rehabilitate hundreds of children; how do we “reunite” them with their families, as suggested; where can we find credible educators/doctors; and what about their government?  Their goals, to bring awareness, to make him famous, and then to capture him is a good start and their video is immensely captivating and heartbreaking.  But we’re limited in what we can do and there are local nonprofits working hard so we should empower the locals to maintain a model of sustainability and effectiveness.

If you’re curious to read more opinions, visit: Visible Children, Chris Blattman, Council on Foreign Relations, and Vice.

My conclusion is this:  its understandable for people to be against the campaign, but at least people are talking about humanitarianism and even pointing ways on how to further be effective by highlighting local nonprofit organizations in respective countries, which didn’t have the medium or resources to megaphone their work. If you feel compelled to do more and donate to Invisible Children, that’s fine.  For me, I did very little (which is post the video to the people who have already been bombarded with the videos via facebook, twitter, and internet communities) and that’s okay.  My heart goes out for all children everywhere who are subjected to the atrocities listed, but it’s not only in Uganda.  People don’t know/forget human trafficking, rape, murder, etc happens everywhere and even in the United States.

{photo taken in 2006 when Invisible Children initiated Global Night Commute.  We walked and slept at Balboa Park, San Diego.  I love that Sharon’s holding Cheez-Its… not to take away from the seriousness of this photo, but the Cheez-Its totally makes the picture.}


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