This morning, I told Michael he was the best because he found a way for me to defeat a level on a game called: Move the Boxes on my phone.

Since I was the only girl in my family, I grew up in the arcades,  with SNES, and Sega Genesis.  We used to play Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Super Mario, Donkey Kong, etc.  Then computer games came along and my uncle taught me how to play Duke Nukem.  This type of exposure to a kid probably wouldn’t fly by these days…

So here is my timeline:

In highschool/first year of college, I spent very little to some time in pc-bangs playing Starcraft.  I used to play that at home along with The Sims and Harry Potter.

My sophomore year of college was rough and I even got close to academic probation because my grades were so low due to enormous amounts of playing N64 Smash Brothers and various Mario games. But it was great because my apartment became the go-to place to play Smash Brothers!  I also like to take credit for introducing The Sims to my roommates, since we also played that the majority of our sophomore year.

One favorite story that Jono likes to tell is this one time I had a midterm for computer science class, and we played Smash literally all night.  20 minutes before my 8AM test, I asked Jono what “debug” meant.  He had no clue, and I went to take my test.  Naturally, I did not do well and I dropped the class.  I didn’t need it anyway…

My third-fourth years of college can be summed up by Nerts.  My friend Esther introduced us to the game and we literally had Nerts “tournaments” and people come over just to play Nerts.  The game is beautiful; brings people together.

Anyway, so that happened this morning, and I reflected on just how games has influenced my life.  Of course there are other things that kept me preoccupied throughout my life like LOST and movies, but that’s a whole other story that I will have to share another time.

{this was my first time meeting DK playing nerts}

{one of our many nerts games}

{peter han, me, and jono playing smash – just another regular morning.  we probably stayed up all night playing}


3 thoughts on “Games

  1. “yeah, i’m a hardcore gamer” – eunice

    “nice! what did you play?” – person

    “experienced in SIMS and NERTS, and some harry potter” – eunice

  2. HAHAHAH! Michael’s comment is so hilarious….That’s the Eunice I know and love 🙂 Continue to teach me your ways game master lol

  3. HAHAHAH Eunice…. I miss playing smash till 10 in the morning.. napping… waking up getting a call from you to buy you grape flavored ice tea and candy from OVT….then coming back to play again till 10 am…

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