Claws vs Boiling Crab

For smallgroup outing yesterday, we decided to go to Claws instead of Boiling Crab. Scenery is quite similar but different:   Claws feels like you’re on a pirate’s boat, and Boiling Crab feels like you’re shipwrecked.  I’ve noticed some differences; and FYI: I’m not a food expert or have I tried anything else on the menu besides shrimp and oyster.

We were able to make reservations at Claws (which you can’t at BC), but I noticed that even on a Thursday night, if you don’t make reservations, you’ll end up waiting 1-1.5 hours to sit and eat since the space is small.

The sauce is much spicier at Claws, which is why I opted for the “mild” and they call their special, the “cannonball”, fyi (equivalent to the “whole shebang” from BC) and much more potent.  I could still taste the flavor in my mouth in the morning, yes even after I brushed my teeth.

Claws sells “peeled shrimp” for 10.99 for those who are too lazy or have fingers-cramp-itis.  But who wants shrimp peeled by a stranger?

Oysters at Claws, rules.  Albeit it’s a tad more expensive, the oysters with ceviche were very delicious and seemed fresh; oysters at BC taste like ocean.  I overheard someone say the sausages were also much better at Claws.

Corn at BC, rules.  The corn, to some, is the best part of the entire experience and Claws does not even come close to how delicious the corn is at BC.

Overall, I don’t care.  Because shrimp with sauce in a bag at Claws is shrimp with sauce in a bag at Boiling Crab.  And I just love the Cajun (refer to picture below, see how happy I am).

{top photo of boiling crab taken from Daniel Kang’s fb}


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