I can’t believe this is the last weekend of March and we’re already heading into April!  I don’t like practical jokes (unless they’re done on other people) that happen to me, although I’ve gotten used to them in college because friends used to prank me all the time.  I’m planning to attend a yelp event (free food and drinks!) on Sunday, and I’m crossing my fingers that it’s not an April Fool’s joke.

Do people still celebrate April Fool’s Day?


Why The Face

This morning, I was leaving a rather long voice-mail message for someone and I was thanking them for their support (my organization is hosting a walk in May).  As I was ending my message, I said, “in Jesus na-“………….

{i found this image off of google images, so credit goes to…Fox?}

Weekend Diary

I took a mini-staycation (much needed rest!) by taking a couple of days off of work  and spent them very wisely (psst, watching Mad Men).

I went to a very beautiful wedding on Saturday; congratulations to Pearle & James!  It was really awesome to witness two amazing people start a journey together.

Michael and his brother, Jonathan are going to Europe for a few weeks, and will miss my birthday, so Mike decided to plan something for us to do before he left!  We spent the day brunching (@Rialto), watching Aziz Ansari’s Dangerously Delicious stand-up and Mad Men (!!!).  Then we had dinner at Agora Churrascaria.  We got there pretty early and I didn’t want the salad bar traffic so we decided to sit in the back.  If I do decide to go there again, I’d definitely not sit in that area because the servers weren’t coming around to us.  They were serving the closer tables first and by the time they made their rounds, there was no food left for us.  After the restaurant started to fill up is when they started to come to our table. Other than that, food + wine was delicious.  We ended up at Heroes Bar & Grill after many searches and attempts to find a place to hang out at (forgot it was Monday, lots of places aren’t open after 9pm).

It was very nice to relax, and thank you so much Michael for everything!!

{first photo taken by Hanna J; wedding collage; early birthday collage}

Burger Mania

I’ve tried a number of gourmet burgers the past year (Father’s Office, Burger Parlor, 25 Degrees, Bottle Room, Slater’s 50/50, Counter, and am I missing another?), I work walking distance to Juicy Burger, Stout, Go Burger, Umami Burger, Fuku Burger and feel lucky to have had the opportunity to try them all.  They’re all delicious and actually end up tasting the same; nothing sticks out.  I’ll always be happy to try new places, but Father’s Office was (and is!) my #1 spot place for go-to-burger because it never disappoints.  However, Michael and I tried 25degrees through a friend and introduced us to one of the better burgers I’ve had.  I’ve gone twice, and the flavor, ambiance, beer, everything is great.  The other convenient aspect is the location: the closest one is in Huntington Beach which is still a bit out of the way since we have to go local roads all the way, but it’s worth it!

I also really enjoy eating at The Counter, this place doesn’t disappoint either.  I’ve gone many times and I always build the same burger and leave satisfied.  I know many people claim that Slater’s 50/50 is the best because it’s 50% bacon and 50% meat patty.  It was good and I’d go again if friends wanted to go, but that’s not the first place I think of.  Maybe it was too hyped up for me.  But I must say, their appetizers are really delicious.  I’ve also heard of a different places like Apple Pan, Comme Ca, etc, and I honestly don’t have a desire, unless told otherwise.

The next two places that are on my must-have-to-try list is  Golden State Cafe and Public School 612!

{sweet potato fries/garlic fries/onion rings, chicken wings, burger menu#1.  photos taken by Daniel Kang}


Today marks the first day of Spring!

I think I should start reading the Hunger Games’ series today since the movie is coming out this Friday, which I am excited for!  This is the ultimate procrastination.

Now that hanging out and secretly reading all the books at Borders (I’m sorry, I caused your downfall)  is no longer an option, where can I find a free version online…

…If I can’t find it online, Barnes & Noble, I’ll be seeing you.

{photo taken from The Grove}


With the help of Michelle, we got stand-by tickets to the Ellen DeGeneres show!  Unfortunately, we didn’t make the cut.  I’m pretty satisfied because we scored guarantee tickets for another taping the next season, and the episode we were supposed to be in had Amanda Peet, who was b-b-b-boring.  If we got tickets to the later taping at 6pm, we would’ve been able to watch Ed Helms!!!!!

We were hanging out at the Riff Raff Room (overflow for losers) and to know that the celebrities/ellen/the entire episode was happening on the other side of the wall, is weird.  Dear Ellen workers, please have some free candy or food in the Riff Raff Room please.

It was an all-day adventure starting from 9AM until 5:30PM.

Highlights of the day:

1.  Porto’s.  I got the Pan con Bistec (steak cuban-style sandwich) and I would get it again when I go back and I can’t forget the potato balls!
2.  Bethany Joy  Galeotti was at Porto’s with her baby.  I had to go up to her and tell her what a HUGE fan I am/was/will ever be of One Tree Hill.  I also had to ask for a picture, but since she was with her baby, she politely declined and SHE’S STILL AWESOME.  Very beautiful and surprisingly too skinny.
3.  Michelle finally has Friends
4.  DK imitating Amanda Peet during dinner at Beer Belly 

{I think my photos just vomited WB signs and smiles everywhere, Burbank CA}

Diamond Jamboree Plaza

The two times I visited Tokyo Table I really enjoyed.  Nice ambiance, friendly servers, and good food/drinks.  I wish Niko Niko in my area would magically turn into Tokyo Table.  If I’m wishing, I guess I should choose a more authentic or even better tasting Japanese restaurant to come to my city… Anyway…

Their noodles/rolls are delicious and best of all, their honey brick toast with green tea icecream!  I’m not a dessert person, and I’ve said it many times, but I will always have to have this when I come to dine at this restaurant.  Not too sweet and the bread is lightly toasted and soft.

Also, they have the prettiest cocktails and drinks.  I had to try two: I got their Geisha Saketini “Kikuka” that is Lychee flavored and Mango Tokyo-Style Mojito.  I personally enjoyed the saketini, it was on the sweeter side but paired well with my dinner without the strong alcohol taste.  The mojito was also well made and perfect!

Didn’t mean to hijack my own blog post from Tokyo Table, but if I’m talking about Diamond Jamboree plaza, there’s so much good food.  (This post was originally titled Tokyo Table).

The curry house, CoCo Ichibanya is also very delicious and easy on the wallet!  I got the spice level 3 curry with shrimp and vegetables, and the large garden salad on the side.  If I’m craving curry, I would definitely recommend this place (if you’re looking for other than Curry House or Hurry Curry).

Pretty much, this plaza is awesome.  I really enjoy dining here and trying different places.  Downside?  It’s in Irvine.  Also, parking sucks.  I’ve tried a good amount of restaurants located in this plaza, and I don’t think you can go wrong – unless you’re a chodang soondooboo fan and you end up at BCD.  That’s on you.

{Honey brick toast with green tea icecream @ Tokyo Table}

On a separate note, Michael is done with school, YAY!