I talk too much

I had such a great weekend with the Lifepoint family; partaking in communion together; then to hear awesome testimonies by fellow brothers/sisters was amazing.

I “lost” my voice over the weekend, and I went from sounding like husky to Tara Reid/Louis Armstrong, to crazy chain smoker (no offense to Louis Armstrong).

At first, I thought it was cool, someone even said it was “sexy” (like this time) but after the initial 10 minutes, it just got annoying!  Annoying, because I love to talk.  And I like to yell when I play board games/games.  It was incredibly annoying playing scattergories and trying to defend my answers and hate on others without a voice.  Or when we played mafia (awesome game, btw).  Ugh!

All weekend I tried getting in on conversations, talking to people, and after a while, I thought: what if people want me to just stop talking?  I find it annoying to talk, but others might find it even more annoying to listen.

Michael suggested that I don’t talk anymore to preserve my voice and rest.  I haven’t taken that advice.


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