I think I’m pretty good at sneezing/coughing into my clothes (sorry clothes!) because I think it’s gross when you don’t attempt to conceal your germs (atleast try to).  I’m a picky germaphobe, haha I’m not fair across the board and I pick and choose what I want to be a germaphobe about, but that’s a different story.

I just sneezed in my cubicle, and I heard the girls on the other side of the wall stop talking and giggle.  My thoughts went straight to: “Are they laughing at me.  What? No, that’s just being really insecure, about nothing.  I think they laughed at me.  Actually, I don’t think so.”  I thought I sneezed in a cute way.  I bet it’s all in my head and they have no idea this is happening.  That is probably the story of my life.

Anyway, this weekend is TKC’s Lifepoint retreat!  Woohoo, super excited and alot of people worked hard and faithfully for this weekend, so thank you for your dedication and heart!

It’s also Hanna’s birthday!  and the Oscars!  Yay!


**FYI: Don’t mind the lame title posts, it’s very hard for me to think of them – I know you’re not required to, but still.  I’m uninspired.


3 thoughts on “Friday!

  1. note-to-self: be prepared for the next sneeze by eunice, expect to LOL.

    can’t wait, next time i see you i’ll throw some pepper in your face, i can’t wait to LOL

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