Weekend Diary

This weekend was definitely relaxing, which I needed.  It’s not even about TGIF anymore, I’m talking about TGIANRH (Thank God/goodness/gosh it’s a Nationally Recognized Holiday)!  I should start a movement.

Whenever people discuss the latest episode of any tv show that is so hot right now, I can’t relate/input anything because I haven’t been watching tv.  I used to be a tv-holic, but I have no interest.  I’m hooked on Friends again.  I saw one episode of Parks & Rec and it’s really funny!  Yet, I know I will go home and look forward to hanging out with my friends.

So when you are discussing the funniest moment in Modern Family/Parks and Rec/The Office/30 Rock, the unexpected twist in Breaking Bad/Walking Dead,  just know I will be joining, laughing, and acting interested, but won’t understand a thing (so don’t ask me, “do you know what we’re talking about?/did you watch this episode?  Because I will be mad at you for embarrassing me and calling me out, haha.  Then proceed to throw out a bunch of Friends’ references and change the subject, yay!).  If I overhear a quote or someone mention Whitney or Chelsea Handler’s jokes in a good light, well, I don’t know how we ever had anything in common in the first place.


One thought on “Weekend Diary

  1. you have a bachelors in “being aware of currently popular and acclaimed tv shows” and a masters in “new wave fitness and exercises”, and a PHD in facebook

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