Mexican Food

I love Mexican food, and I don’t know if I’m allowed to say that considering I’ve only had a few number of their menu items, but still, I love it.  A friend mentioned Mexicali had really, really delicious food (and they were located on the corner of some street in downtown LA, with super long lines) so we decided to try it out!

Vampiro or cachetada or i have no idea. hahaha

The food was so good, and I wish I could eat some more, but it’s too out of the way.  Now that they’ve gone brick and mortar, it’s even MORE out of the way.

How is this fair!  It’s 2 miles away from another really good place that a few friends of mine introduced me to: Carnitas (amaaaazing super nachos and burritos!!! it’s a must).

Late night snack after halloween party at Carnitas

Since I posted up these photos, I might as well continue:

Lengua, carne asada, and al pastor tacos from Taqueria de Anda

Robertos’ california fries during finals week

Of course I haven’t mentioned other delicious places, but I couldn’t find photos, so I didn’t want to add them.


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