I really enjoy eating seafood and one of my favorite dishes that my mom makes is crab soup/casserole (?).  I was super excited when she made some over the weekend!  My mom’s an amazing cook except for spaghetti.

Anyway, she makes the soup in a ginormous pot and there’s enough to last my family for a week, but we ration it out to last us a few weeks.

After consuming a bowl, I reek of “the deepest part of the ocean” and it gets in my hair, skin, breath, and finger/finger nails.

One time, I had just eaten crab soup, and Michael and I were hanging out.  He said I smelled like crab and I thought he said “crap.”  He laughed and I cried (just kidding about the crying).  We both laughed about it afterwards.


I talk too much

I had such a great weekend with the Lifepoint family; partaking in communion together; then to hear awesome testimonies by fellow brothers/sisters was amazing.

I “lost” my voice over the weekend, and I went from sounding like husky to Tara Reid/Louis Armstrong, to crazy chain smoker (no offense to Louis Armstrong).

At first, I thought it was cool, someone even said it was “sexy” (like this time) but after the initial 10 minutes, it just got annoying!  Annoying, because I love to talk.  And I like to yell when I play board games/games.  It was incredibly annoying playing scattergories and trying to defend my answers and hate on others without a voice.  Or when we played mafia (awesome game, btw).  Ugh!

All weekend I tried getting in on conversations, talking to people, and after a while, I thought: what if people want me to just stop talking?  I find it annoying to talk, but others might find it even more annoying to listen.

Michael suggested that I don’t talk anymore to preserve my voice and rest.  I haven’t taken that advice.


I think I’m pretty good at sneezing/coughing into my clothes (sorry clothes!) because I think it’s gross when you don’t attempt to conceal your germs (atleast try to).  I’m a picky germaphobe, haha I’m not fair across the board and I pick and choose what I want to be a germaphobe about, but that’s a different story.

I just sneezed in my cubicle, and I heard the girls on the other side of the wall stop talking and giggle.  My thoughts went straight to: “Are they laughing at me.  What? No, that’s just being really insecure, about nothing.  I think they laughed at me.  Actually, I don’t think so.”  I thought I sneezed in a cute way.  I bet it’s all in my head and they have no idea this is happening.  That is probably the story of my life.

Anyway, this weekend is TKC’s Lifepoint retreat!  Woohoo, super excited and alot of people worked hard and faithfully for this weekend, so thank you for your dedication and heart!

It’s also Hanna’s birthday!  and the Oscars!  Yay!


**FYI: Don’t mind the lame title posts, it’s very hard for me to think of them – I know you’re not required to, but still.  I’m uninspired.

Cold: 0; Eunice: 0

It seems that alot of people got sick this “winter” and even last week, people were just getting over their symptoms.  I, however, remained very strong until yesterday.  I could feel the cold/flu-like symptoms coming down, so I did what any citizen would do: eat a bunch of garlic, emergen-c, green tea, and nyquil.  I slept early to wake up this morning feeling not really healthy, but manageable.

I’ve been drinking tea, eating more garlic, and popping some pills.  I hope I don’t smell like garlic; I don’t think I do…me and President Obama a few years ago

Weekend Diary

This weekend was definitely relaxing, which I needed.  It’s not even about TGIF anymore, I’m talking about TGIANRH (Thank God/goodness/gosh it’s a Nationally Recognized Holiday)!  I should start a movement.

Whenever people discuss the latest episode of any tv show that is so hot right now, I can’t relate/input anything because I haven’t been watching tv.  I used to be a tv-holic, but I have no interest.  I’m hooked on Friends again.  I saw one episode of Parks & Rec and it’s really funny!  Yet, I know I will go home and look forward to hanging out with my friends.

So when you are discussing the funniest moment in Modern Family/Parks and Rec/The Office/30 Rock, the unexpected twist in Breaking Bad/Walking Dead,  just know I will be joining, laughing, and acting interested, but won’t understand a thing (so don’t ask me, “do you know what we’re talking about?/did you watch this episode?  Because I will be mad at you for embarrassing me and calling me out, haha.  Then proceed to throw out a bunch of Friends’ references and change the subject, yay!).  If I overhear a quote or someone mention Whitney or Chelsea Handler’s jokes in a good light, well, I don’t know how we ever had anything in common in the first place.


I’m so looking forward to a three-day weekend.  I want to watch tv, and all the movies/shows that a friend has graciously shared with me; yay!  Thanks J 🙂

I think Michael and I have plans to go to San Diego for a day, but we’ll see.  I haven’t been to SD in a very long time, so I’m also looking forward to all the awesome food + sight seeing.  We were thinking about going to this show, but it’s sold out.  Oh, Aziz.

{picture of pretty ranunculus’ i took from Julie’s pinterest}


Now that everyone has stopped talking/posting pictures about valentine’s day, I figured I’d post about it.

Michael and I had an awesome valentine’s date in Little Tokyo/Downtown!

He also made chocolate covered strawberries (like last year, thankyou!) and so I bought some delicious cheese from Joan’s on Third, crackers from Trader Joe’s, and celebrated post-valentine’s with my mom.

{Wurstkuche: rattlesnake & mango jalapeno; amazing HH at The Falls}